Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • A German company has prepared a beer powder that will enable everyone to prepare chilled beer at home in 2 minutes.
  • Initially, this beer powder will be launched only in Germany and later on may find its way into the Indian market.

A glass of cold beer is the much-desired choice of everyone when they come back home after a hard day at work. Earlier, it meant stocking the beer bottles in the fridge at home or buying them on the way home.

However, now, drinking a chilled beer is not a bother at all. Just bring home a pack of beer powder and prepare a chilled glass of water at home whenever you want.

Previously, carrying a beer bottle during travelling was a big problem. Now, it is just quite hassle-free. Nostsele Brewery from Germany has made this possible and they are planning to launch this beer powder by the end of this year.

Importantly, beer powder has very fewer carbon emissions as compared to bottled beer and hence, it is easier to store this beer powder for a long time.

For making beer from this powder all you have to do is put two teaspoons of beer powder in a glass and add cold water to it. Just stir a bit and the chilled beer is ready as refreshment.

Unfortunately, this beer powder will be initially available only in Germany because for it to reach the Indian market the company will have to fulfil a lot of legal procedures. However, once it gains popularity in other countries, it will not take much time for Nostsele Brewery to launch the product in India as well.

While now fruit powdered fortified with flavours and vitamins as well as protein powders are easily available, consumers nowadays look for powdered beverages that offer high nutritional value, devoid of any preservatives and are naturally flavoured.

Also now people want sugar-free beverages that are replaced by artificial sweeteners and stevia powders. So, it will not be surprising that when beer powder makes its entry into the Indian market, it will come in different versions including with sugar and without sugar.