Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Dark chocolate rich in antioxidants is good for controlling greying of hair.
  • Copper in mushrooms promotes melanin pigment production and slows down greying.

Grey hair is considered to be a sign of old age as well as wisdom. But when the hair starts greying at a young age it can become problematic.

Although colouring hair is always an option, it is messy and can also affect the quality, and thickness of hair and in the long run cannot be an ideal option due to its chemical composition.

But, you can always try to reduce premature greying of hair by including certain foods in your diet.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite. But it is not the regular highly sweetened chocolate but dark chocolate that has a bit of bitter taste that is good for controlling greying of hair.

Apart from being rich in antioxidants that help clearing toxins from the body, dark chocolate also contains copper that promotes melanin production offering black colour to hair.

Green leafy vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like green leafy vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, kale, spinach, and cauliflower are rich in folate, iron, calcium, vitamins, and several other nutrients that promote overall hair health.


Soybeans are versatile beans that are consumed as a protein substitute by those who favour plant-based diets. Apart from proteins, Soybeans are also rich in other nutrients and help the body fight the radicals that cause premature greying of hair.


Eggs are extremely rich in protein which is quintessential for the body to maintain hair in good health. It also contains vitamin B12.

A deficiency of vitamin B12 has been known to be linked with premature greying. Consuming whole eggs regularly can help to cover up this deficiency and slow down the greying of hair.


The absence of copper can stop melanin production which ultimately can lead to premature greying of hair. Mushrooms are rich in copper and thus promote melanin production thereby stopping the greying of hair.

(Disclaimer: This piece of article is for basic information purposes only. It's always advisable to consult a doctor for any type of health issue.)