Russia has accused the US of direct involvement in the war in Ukraine for the first time, the media reported.

A spokesperson for Moscow's defence ministry alleged the US was approving targets for American-made Himars artillery used by Kyiv's forces, the BBC reported.

Lt. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said intercepted calls between Ukrainian officials revealed the link. There was no immediate comment on the allegation from US officials.

Russia previously accused Washington of fighting a "proxy war" in Ukraine.

"It is the Joe Biden administration that is directly responsible for all rocket attacks approved by Kyiv on residential areas and civilian infrastructure facilities in settlements of Donbass and other regions that caused mass deaths of civilians," Konashenkov said, the BBC reported.

Himars is a multiple rocket system which can launch precision-guided missiles at targets as far as 70 km away -- far further than the artillery that Ukraine previously had.

They are also believed to be more accurate than their Russian equivalents.

In April, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said US President Joe Biden's decision to supply Ukraine with billions of dollars worth of arms meant "Nato, in essence, is engaged in a war with Russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy".

Throughout the conflict in Ukraine, Russia has been accused of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last week, Ukraine accused Moscow of bombing a prison in separatist held Donetsk to cover up allegations of torture, the BBC reported.