The Russian side wants to organise so-called humanitarian corridors to Russia and Belarus in order to take Ukrainians as prisoners, Vadim Denisenko, advisor to Ukraine Minister of Internal Affairs, said.

"Yesterday, the Russians again stated that they plan to provide humanitarian corridors today. I would like to believe that this will succeed, but, unfortunately, it seems that the Russian Federation has instructed its military not to allow any humanitarian corridors throughout Ukraine," Denisenko said, UNIAN reported.

According to him, such humanitarian corridors are needed for the evacuation of civilians from the occupied territories, in particular, from Mariupol, Kharkov, Izyum, Trostyanets, Bucha, and Gostomel.

Denisenko notes that the Russians want the Ukrainians to ask for their humanitarian corridors.

"The Russians are planning to make a humanitarian corridor to the Russian Federation and Belarus. They offer us - let's take you out, and you will become our captives and victims of a TV picture, where you have to tell how hard it is for you under Ukrainian rule and how good it is here, in the Russian Federation," he noted.

According to him, the whole logic of the actions of the Russian Federation in recent days shows that "for the sake of a television picture and in order to try to humiliate Ukrainians personally, Putin in the Kremlin will not make any humanitarian corridors."

Denisenko said that in the occupied territories, in all the courtyards of houses, there is Russian equipment.

"That is, they are standing so that we would not be able to knock them out of these territories, because they understand that we will not shoot at civilian objects, at people. They hide behind people like a human shield," Denisenko stressed.