• Friday, September 22, 2023
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  • World No Tobacco Day 2023: Activities you can do to create awareness

World No Tobacco Day 2023: Activities you can do to create awareness

On World No Tobacco Day you can create awareness about the harmful effects of consuming tobacco by conducting various interesting activities. Here are a few ideas!

Sangati Jogwar
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World No Tobacco DayPhotoPhoto: Google/Pixabay

World No Tobacco Day

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News Highlights

  • On World No Tobacco Day you can create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco carrying out various campaigns.
  • Involving those who have quit tobacco successfully in this campaign can be inspirational.

On World No Tobacco Day today, everyone must vow to stop using tobacco and products made from it for life. It is never easy to leave the habit of smoking or chewing tobacco. Many people are unaware of how damaging smoking and chewing tobacco are to their lives and how passive smoking can affect your loved ones who stay with the smoker most of the time.

So on World No Tobacco Day, you can create awareness about stopping tobacco and the damage it can do to your life. Here are a few activities that you can carry out easily and contribute.

Make people aware through emails and messages

You can create awareness by sharing messages through social media or emails to your friends and family members and discussing how keeping away from tobacco can improve the health of your lungs and also increase the chances of living a long and healthy life.

Conducting digital campaigns

You can conduct various digital campaigns to educate others about the disadvantages of consuming tobacco and also make them aware of the different rehabilitation programs that can help them say goodbye to smoking.

Hold a debate/discussion

Corporates and organizations and even small social groups can arrange a debate or a discussion program on the benefits of leaving tobacco for good and how it can immediately benefit your mental and physical health.

Create a team of young volunteers

You can create a team of young volunteers who will go door to door in different areas and converse with the locals about the harmful effects of tobacco. Personal interaction has been found to be extremely effective in making people think and dissuade them from using tobacco.

Make people who quit tobacco a part of your campaign

Talk with people who have successfully quit tobacco and are enjoying better health and if possible urge them to participate in your discussion or debate program. The first-hand stories are always inspiring and motivating. Moreover, since these people have the experience they can relate to the questions and fears of the other people interested in quitting tobacco and reply to them properly.

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