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  • World Health Day 2023 has a special theme this time -"Health for All".
  • In today's times when different mutants of deadly Coronavirus are surfacing every other day, the theme holds great significance.

The theme for World Health Day 2023 is Health for All which means every person on this earth should be fit and healthy. And the significance of this theme is more relatable now that the world is fighting multiple types of infections in the last few years.

The onset of the COVID-19 epidemic brought the entire world to its knees demonstrating yet again that nature will always have an upper hand and can be highly unpredictable.

The only thing humanity can do to survive the onslaught of such natural disasters is by being prepared and equipped. Nevertheless, scientists and researchers came up with the vaccine for Corona and saved millions of lives.

However, with more mutants coming up every day, the only way you can survive is by keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Even the earlier Corona deaths proved that the majority of people who died had some critical illnesses, were unhealthy, or were suffering from lifestyle issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.

So, now, it is more important that everyone from a young child to old people takes good care of their health, rather make their health the topmost priority of their life.

Gone are the days when only athletes or actors were expected to maintain good health and ideal weight. Now fitness, proper diet, and exercise have become a way of life for almost every citizen of this world, especially if they want to lead a normal life amid the lurking threat of various bacterial, fungal, and viral infections

Importantly, nowadays there are a lot of health facilities and gyms with proper infrastructure available in major cities. The internet has made it easier for people in remote areas to access the latest information about health.

So, on this World Health Day 2023, the onus is on every human being to take good care of himself and make use of the available health facilities and information to stay healthy and fit so that all of us can give a tough fight to the challenges like Coronavirus thrown at us from time to time by the nature.

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