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  • In this type of diet use of sugar intake is restricted.
  • The restrictions are specifically for sugary foods such as soda and candy.

Overconsumption of sugar can lead to many lifestyle diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart issues, and many more. While for those with diabetes, it becomes essential to cut down on sugar or go on a completely sugar-free diet, nowadays even those who do not have any health issues tend to skip sugar completely from their diet.

So what is a completely sugar-free diet and is it recommended for everyone?

A no-sugar or sugar-free diet

In this type of diet use of sugar intake is restricted. The restrictions are specifically for sugary foods such as soda and candy as well as added sugar found in pasta and ketchups. It depends on how extreme you intend to go with your sugar-free diet. Those who want to go on a completely no-sugar diet must also limit the amount of sugar that their body gets through naturally occurring vegetables and fruits.

But this is an extreme version of a no-sugar diet and usually is not recommended. More often when a nutrition expert refers to sugary foods he means highly processed or refined foods that have loads of added sugar such as artificial sweeteners, sucralose, and more.

Although sugar provides energy it does not have any nutritional value and that is why it is often termed as a food with empty calories. Foods having added sugar usually do not carry enough vitamins or minerals and add calories to your diet leading to weight gain.

So, health experts believe that a small amount of sugar might be okay for those with a healthy and fit body, excess consumption is sure to cause health problems and weight gain .

Can everyone opt for a sugar-free diet?

Sugar comes in so many forms disguised even in savory products. Hence skipping sugar altogether from day one can be very difficult. But you can start by eliminating products that contain brown sugar, corn sugar, corn syrup, glucose, fructose, raw sugar, honey, and more. If you have a sweet tooth then giving up sugar completely may not be possible.

For that, you must start by doing it slowly. For example, reducing the amount of sugar you take in your coffee tea or other beverages can be a good idea. Slowly you can cut down on the portion of your dessert or the scoop of ice cream. As you get used to these new changes, sugar will soon be a thing of the past for you and it is quite possible that you may find new and healthier options to keep yourself satiated such as seasonal fruits and dry fruits like dates, and cashews.