Pradeep Pattanayak

It is imperative that all should be alert as to the guidelines issued with respect to Monkeypox and in case of symptoms, people should immediately go for tests and isolate themselves. Odisha Health Services Director Bijaya Mohapatra on Friday said this while advising people. 

“All should follow the guidelines issued for Monkeypox. The best way to stay clear of the infection is to remain alert. Just like Chickenpox, it is a viral fever. If symptoms like fever along with appearance of small blisters filled with fluid on hands, feet or thighs are experienced, people should isolate themselves and immediately report to us,” Mohapatra advised.

“At all the main hospitals in the State, there are isolation beds. For serious patients, there are ICU beds as well,” informed Mohapatra. 

Monkeypox can lead to Pneumonia and affect the brain as well. Keeping this in view, treatment and ICU facilities are well in place in the State, informed the State Health Department, adding that no case of Monkeypox has so far been detected in the State.