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Our faces have several acupressure zones that can be used to enhance the condition and texture of our skin. Now that’s news, isn’t it? Marma points on the face, also known as facial pressure points, are extremely potent energy centres in Ayurveda. These centres can increase blood circulation, trigger prana flow, and encourage healing across the area.

When you continuously use facial acupressure, you can anticipate outcomes which occur due to the increased blood flow to the face and skin suppleness, giving the face a more youthful, rosy appearance, luminous skin. It also leads to decreased occurrence of wrinkles and inconsistent skin tone, less pronounced dark circles and eye bags.

Our sensory organs can also benefit from facial acupressure. You can anticipate healthier sinuses and brighter eyes.

Between Eyebrows - a.k.a the Third Eye Point stimulates the major endocrine gland, the pituitary, when massaged, which is said to improve your skin's general appearance.

Temple Region - This is about a finger's width distant from your eye's outer corners. The area around the temples is helpful for minimising the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in addition to treating headaches and eye issues.

Cheekbones - This point is located close to the top of your cheekbone and helps clear blemishes. This massage is supposed to reduce puffiness and increase circulation. 

Under Ears - This area is at the depression right behind your ear lobe and is called a windscreen. (The points between your ear and jaw when you open your mouth). This point improves skin brightness and balances the Thyroid gland.

The simplest method is to use your fingers, but watch out for your nails which shouldn't be too long or sharp. Always begin gently and gradually increase pressure while pressing an acupressure point on the face. 

Practice and press these four essential facial points for just five minutes both counterclockwise and clockwise rotation. Tap each point between 30-60 seconds.

Press gently and limit use of pressure. Avoid doing this, if you have any facial injuries or health issues like rashes or acne.