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  • Pharmacists can dispense medicines for treatment in minor ailments such as malaria, fever, upper respiratory infections.

With acute shortage of doctors and treating medical professionals in hospitals ailing the healthcare in Odisha, the State government has granted official permission to pharmacists to dispense drugs for the treatment of several minor ailments.

State Health and Family Welfare Department has issued an order on the permission by partially modifying its previous directive of 2003.

Under the Panchabyadhi Chikitsa Scheme, pharmacists were already allowed to prescribe medicines in the absence of treating physicians. But due to availability of more drugs for a particular disease, the Drugs Controller suggested to extend the scope for pharmacists, said Health Director Bijay Mohapatra.

The government has admitted that many of the single doctor hospitals in the state are managed by the pharmacists in absence of doctors due to some reason or other and so it has come up with a formal order to allow pharmacists to treat certain ailments in absence of doctors.

Here's the detailed list of the diseases and their medications approved:-

Ailments That Can Be Treated By PharmacistsAilments That Can Be Treated By Pharmacists
Odisha Govt Allows Pharmacists To Treat These AilmentsOdisha Govt Allows Pharmacists To Treat These Ailments
Now Pharmacists Can Treat These AilmentsNow Pharmacists Can Treat These Ailments