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Milk has been found to be very beneficial for health, also it is rich in calcium and iron which help in maintaining bone health and protect against any disease. Milk is often consumed before going to sleep at night by some people or before leaving the house in the morning. 

It is believed that drinking milk before bedtime helps in inducing sleep, boosting overall health and improve metabolism. Here we are highlighting the disadvantages of drinking milk before going to bed.


Drinking cold milk at night affects digestion. It is because, after a heavy dinner, drinking milk can strain the digestive system, and cause constipation because the stomach is already full. 

Weight gain

It takes time to digest and metabolise the milk fat and protein, which increases the risk of weight gain. A glass of milk contains 120 calories, this is one of the reasons to avoid drinking milk at night as calories do not burn easily and it leads to weight gain.

Problem with digestion

Drinking milk can have different effects varying from person to person, especially if they are lactose intolerant. It may have an adverse effect on digestion, as the body struggles to metabolise protein it may cause discomfort, diarrhoea and stomach ache. This affects the periods of sleep and causes sleepless nights.

Detoxification becomes slow

At night, the liver starts the work of detoxification of the body, but if we drink a warm glass of milk it can interfere with the healthy functioning of the liver. Keep the way clear for the liver to detoxify junk from the body.

Try to have milk in the morning or daytime, it won't hurt. Just try to avoid milk at night because just one cup can make a whole night troubling.  

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