Pradeep Pattanayak

At a time when cancer cases in India are increasing alarmingly, seven students of the Ravenshaw University have developed a device promising better diagnosis. 

After carrying out intensive research under the University’s Zoology Department professor, Luna Samant for five years, seven PHD students have developed a ‘Portable Cancer Diagnosis Device’. They say that this device will go a long way in detecting cancer from the samples collected from blood, saliva, and tissue. 

“Using biosensor and micro fluider, with this comparatively small device, different markers of cancer can be detected,” said professor of the Zoology Department, Dr Luna Samant. 

The test to diagnose cancer is very costly. Apart from that, it also takes time for a patient to get his/her report. ‘Portable Cancer Diagnosis Device’ is claimed to be a solution to the above problems. 

“The patent of our device has been approved by the Central government. It’s a low-cost detection device,” said Dr Soumyaranjan Jena, a PHD student. 

“We have developed such a device which can be easily accessible. In detecting cancer, it will give accurate results,” said a PHD student, Dr Anwesha Pradhan. 

While about 50 percent work on the device has been completed, the students are confident that they finish it soon.

  • Reported by:
  • Biswajit Acharya