Rashmi Rekha Das

Bolangir district administration has drawn criticism for conducting a vaccination drive under a tree at Brahmani Dunguri village under Magurbeda panchayat in Bolangir district.

According to sources, as per the earlier schedule, a medical team was supposed to conduct the vaccination drive at the local Anganwadi centre.  However, after the medical team reached the centre, Anganwadi workers did not open the centre as they had stored eggs and sattu there. Finding no other go, the medical team had to conduct the drive on roadside.

As per the government norms, the healthcare officials should ensure availability of waiting rooms, vaccination rooms and observation rooms with sufficient space at the vaccination site.  Meanwhile, intellectuals have criticised the district administration for breaching government guidelines. 

On the other hand, additional public health officer said “People should not be given vaccines under a tree. Vaccination drive will be conducted only when waiting room, vaccination room and observation room will be available at the site. If people are provided vaccines in the absence of three rooms, they may get prone to anaphylactic shock.  When your body goes into anaphylactic shock, your blood pressure suddenly drops and your airways narrow blocking normal breathing. Though chances of getting prone to anaphylactic shock are very rare, but you cannot completely avoid it. Medical officer and in-charge will be answerable for violation of government norms.”