Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Kidney disease is growing rapidly in India.
  • Here are a few foods that you must avoid if you have kidney disease.

Eating healthy is normal for everyone. But not everything that is healthy is allowed for patients with kidney disease. Many times even the healthiest of food options that are on the list of dieticians for staying fit and slim have to be outlasted the regular daily diet of patients with renal issues.

Animal Proteins

High protein foods are good for muscle building and are especially recommended for those who want to build abs and muscles. However, those with renal issues should avoid animal protein products like eggs, fish, poultry, and meat. Such patients are advised to procure their intake of protein from vegetables and fruits and by including rice, pasta, and low-sodium bread in their diet.

Potassium-rich Fruits & Vegetables

Kidney patients should avoid fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium as it puts a lot of stress on the kidneys. Fruits that are high in this mineral include bananas, prunes, melons, oranges, and tomatoes. Potassium is also high in bran, lentils, avocados, dairy products, and nuts. Canned fruit punches, dark-colored sodas, and iced teas are also high in potassium.

You can replace these food items with low-potassium foods such as grapes, cauliflower, strawberries, white rice, chicken, pita, bread, and apples.

Salty Foods

No dish tastes good without salt and hence it is a commonly used additive in most cuisines. However, the content is higher in processed foods as it is used as a preservative to retain the taste of the product. Salt plays a key role in the amount of fluid a body can withhold. Excess salt in the body leads to fluid retention in the case of impaired kidneys. Hence, patients with renal issues should avoid high-sodium products and instead eat home-cooked meals more often.

Foods Rich in Calcium

Calcium mineral is important for the body as it promotes good bone health. However, high calcium content can put stress on kidneys that are already functioning slowly. Calcium is largely found in dairy products but also is found in foods with high levels of phosphorous. Kidney patients hence must cut down on calcium-rich foods and also avoid taking calcium supplements.


Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for health. While it is known that alcohol is the reason behind liver cirrhosis many times, it also affects the kidneys because if the liver is damaged, ultimately the kidney also gets affected. Alcohol dehydrates the body which disturbs the functioning of the kidneys.