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  • Eating deep-fried food items is not good for health.
  • In many homes, the oil used for deep frying is used again which is extremely bad for the heart.

Home-cooked food is the best. Right? No, not always. Although it is always better to eat home-cooked food it may not be healthy always. Sometimes you tend to make a few common mistakes that make even fresh home-cooked food unhealthy.

So here are the 5 most common cooking mistakes that are normally performed in all households unknowingly.

Reusing the deep-fried oil

reusing oil for fryingreusing oil for frying

Eating deep-fried food items is not good for health. Nevertheless, eating such food products that are sold outside is very bad for health as the sellers use the same oil repeatedly because they cannot afford to change the oil every day. But even in many homes, the oil used for deep frying is used again which is extremely bad for the heart as it leads to an increase in triglycerides in the body. Eating deep-fried food in moderation and eliminating the reuse of deep-fried oil is a must.

Throwing away water used for boiling sprouts and vegetables

One common mistake that happens in every household is discarding the water that has been used for boiling sprouts or vegetables. Both vegetables and sprouts are very rich in B complex vitamins and since these vitamins are water soluble the content of these food items seep in the water in which they are boiled. Hence when the water is discarded, a good amount of vitamins are lost which is indeed a big mistake.

Food experts advise using this water for kneading dough or in curries so that the vitamins are added to the dishes.

Cutting vegetables, and fruits hours before consumption and cooking

cutting vegetables cutting vegetables

In many households, it is a common practice to cut the fruits or vegetables hours before actual consumption or cooking begins. Due to the overexposure to heat and light all the nutrients in these vegetables and fruits get lost and the purpose of eating them is not fulfilled.

Microwaving food items in plastic

As a rule, plastics should not be used during cooking or even while eating. It has been proved that plastic can cause cancer. So when plastic is used for microwaving its contents leech inside the food or the dish and thus they get inside your body which is extremely harmful.

Barbecue can also introduce carcinogens in the body


Barbeque is a healthy cooking option. But if you overheat the food items then it can prove to be problematic. The smoke caused due to overheating of dressing and marinades can cause respiratory issues. It is hence advisable to avoid overheating on barbeque.

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