Pradeep Pattanayak

Over 20 people have died of kidney-related ailments in the last 10 years in three villages of Jhankarpali Panchayat under Jujumara block of Sambalpur district. Over 10 are undergoing treatment currently. 

The villagers of Asadupada, Gourapada and Gouragothapada are in a panic. Renal diseases are taking a toll on the villagers. 

In Asadupada, almost all the villagers have symptoms of kidney disease. However, they are receiving treatment. 

The situation in Gourapada and Gouragothapada paint rather grim pictures. Some families have been wiped out, as the disease has spared none. Their homes look like haunted houses.  The situation in the nearby village of Sadhupada is no different either. 

The fear of the disease has affected the villagers to such an extent that many families have left the village to save their lives. 

“I lost my father-in-law and husband to kidney disease. Even though we were treating them, we couldn’t save their lives,” said Seema Mirdha, an Asadupada resident. 

When asked, Anganwadi worker, Kamalini Bibhar said, “At least nine people suffering from kidney diseases died in five years. While many families have shifted to some other villages, many are thinking to follow suit.”

Jhankarpali sarpanch Niranjan Panda said, “The samples of water sources have been sent to the laboratory three times. According to the reports, water has nothing to do with the disease.”

When contacted, Sambalpur CDMO, Dr. Purnachandra Sahu said, “We will send teams to the affected villages and take steps on the basis of their reports.”


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