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Getting old, look out for common signs

London: Men, if you are falling asleep in front of the television or sprouting unsightly hair in all the wrong places, then it could only mean that you are getting old, says a new study.

For women, the first tell-tell signs include turning up for meetings in outfits chosen for comfort rather than style. They will also have arrived in the coat they never leave home without, according to the study.

Once there — having eventually found misplaced car keys/handbag/glasses and then driven very slowly — they will probably find they can`t remember everybody`s name, it says.

These are among the 50 most common signs of ageing revealed in the study based on a survey of 2,000 Britons aged 18 to 65, the `Daily Express` reported.

The respondents were asked what they believed were the signals that showed someone was "getting on a bit". The research was carried out by insurance firm Engage Mutual to gain the public perception of age.

Other points to watch for: You are likely to tell people exactly what you`re thinking, even if it is not polite. You will be complaining about the "rubbish on television" when they are not screening shocking racy music videos.

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