Pradeep Pattanayak

With just one day left for Rath Yatra, the Tulasi Kshetra Kendrapara has come alive with all sorts of car festival-related activities. 

As of now, the Maharana servitors, who are constructing the Taladhwaja rath of the Tulasi Kshetra’s presiding deity Lord Sri Baldevjew, have been rushed off their feet, giving the finishing touches to the chariot. Similarly, the craftsmen have completed the decoration work of the covering cloth of the chariot. They have embroidered moon, sun, Rahu’s head, parrots, etc. on the seven-coloured covering cloth. 

In the chariot construction, a total of 46 Maharana servitors, 16 labourers, four blacksmiths and two cutters are engaged. 

Similarly, the temple and district administrations have made elaborate arrangements for the festival. 

“Tomorrow, the deities will reappear and give darshan to the devotees in Naba Jaubana Besha. And, the chariot construction work is on the verge of completion. Starting from the servitors to the temple and district administrations, all have become active to make the festival success without any problems,” said Jyotiranjan Patri, a servitor. 

“The chariot construction is in its fag end. ‘Para Bhadia’ and ‘Charamala’ construction works are underway. The chariot will be consecrated on Ubha Jatra (a day before rath yatra),” informed head carpenter, Raghunath Maharana.

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