Pradeep Pattanayak

The process for silver cladding of the Singha Dwara (Lion’s Gate), the main entrance of the Srimandir in Puri, started on Thursday.

As Lord Jagannath and His siblings are away in the Gundicha temple for their annual nine-day long sojourn and will stay there for a week, the silver cladding work of the Singha Dwara has begun.

The earlier brass-cladded Singha Dwara was removed on Wednesday and in its place, a temporary door with all the designs like those on the earlier gate has been fixed.

Meanwhile, a steel frame has reached the temple. The gate made of Burma teak wood will be fastened to the steel frame and then the gate will be cladded with silver, donated by a Mumbai devotee. Most importantly, it will showcase the popular designs of Odisha art.

Earlier, Satapahancha Dwara, Jay Bijay Dwara, Kalahata Dwara, Beherana Dwara and Bhogamandap Dwara were cladded with silver.

“The process of fixing the gate is different from others. The gate made of four-inch-width Burma teak wood will be tightened onto the steel frame. Thereafter, the door will be cladded with silver plate with designs and symbols like of conch and lotus. It will also have balls and bearings to give its longevity,” said Hasmulklal, an artisan from Mumbai. 

A servitor said, “We the servitors are happy for the Singha Dwara to be cladded with silver. Once the silver gate is ready, the temporary Singha Dwara will be removed. For the time being, the gate has been closed for the public.”

On the other hand, an ASI team and expert team will examine the sanctum sanctorum, Natamandap and Jagamohan of the temple today. Their inspection will also feature rodent menace. 

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