Sangati Jogwar

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  • Happiness is the primary reason to live.
  • But it is not so easy to stay happy as upheavals in day to day life brings stress, difficulties and a lot of tension.

Happiness is the primary reason to live. But it is not so easy to stay happy as upheavals in day-to-day life bring stress, difficulties, and a lot of tension. However, in all these hassles you should never forget that you need to be happy to enjoy this life to the fullest. Moreover, staying happy despite all the worries is very important so that your health and mental balance remain stable.

On International Day of Happiness today, know why it is important to stay happy in this stressful life.

Why is it important to stay happy despite a stressful life?

The core of every human being strives to be happy every moment. It needs to be 100% happy at all times so that the experience of living is positive and enjoyable. From ups and downs in emotions to handling commitments and connections, lives these days are so stressed. But if you give too much emphasis on being successful at every front then it is not possible to stay happy.

Instead being content at some stage is so much essential so that you can stay happy despite being surrounded by multiple demands, and tensions. That is the real mantra to stay happy even when things are not going in your life the way you had wanted or expected.

Contentment and happiness go hand in hand and automatically lead to mental and emotional stability. And that is why it is so important to be a happy person. Another reason to stay happy is because a positive and happy frame of mind offers a sense of well-being and comfort that leads to better relationships, increased social connections, full focus during work and at any activity and also it develops the ability to contribute socially.

Thus, a happy person is a boon to society who raises a good family and also contributes to keeping others around him happy.