Poonam Singh

Celebrations for Kannada superstar Yash's 38th birthday took a sombre turn on January 8 following a tragedy when three of his fans were electrocuted while setting up birthday banners in Gadag, Karnataka. 

Renowned for his role in the blockbuster KGF series, Yash decided to postpone the shooting of his upcoming film, Toxic, in response to the unfortunate incident, as per the News18 report.

Days before his birthday, Yash had announced a brief hiatus, expressing gratitude for his fans' unwavering support and their enthusiasm for Toxic. However, the joyous occasion turned into grief as news of the electrocution incident reached him, resulting in three fan fatalities and hospitalisation of three others.

Deeply affected by the tragedy, Yash promptly visited the families of the deceased to offer condolences and check on the injured individuals. His decision to delay Toxic's shooting reflects empathy and concern for the grieving families and the shock within his fan base. 

“The heartfelt wishes mean the most to me. Tragic incidents like these make me apprehensive about my birthday. This isn’t how fandom should be expressed,” Yash conveyed, urging fans to avoid risky activities for celebrations.

Yash emphasised that true fandom lies in personal growth and leading happy, successful lives. “If you truly respect me, prioritize responsibility. Remember, your parents await you at home,” he pleaded, expressing his intention to minimize extravagant displays of fan love for the safety of his admirers.

In addition to the tragedy, Yash highlighted his decision to forego elaborate birthday celebrations due to rising COVID-19 cases. Opting for a simple celebration with family, he emphasised the importance of responsibility during challenging times.