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  • Kangana Ranaut spoke about how acting is secondary to looking good for many actors in Bollywood.
  • In an old interview, she lamented the fact that these actors are not interested in directing the same efforts towards acting.

Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold statements and outspokenness. From flaunting her love for Lord Ram at the recently held consecration ceremony at Ayodhya to slamming Karan Johar and other A-listers for nepotism and biasedness, nothing and no one has been able to stop the Queen from speaking her mind. At times she has made her hosts and other celeb guests uncomfortable with her strong opinions.

Almost a decade ago in 2013 when Kangana Ranaut was not so much a star she appeared on a show with Zoya Akhtar as the host. While she shared the couch with Sonam Kapoor, the Bollywood actor dropped some truth bombs which everyone on the show found hard to digest.

The Gully Boy director looked uncomfortable as Kangana said, “There are two kinds of actresses. The ones who do art cinema, are tagged boring, ugly not so sexy. They don’t get money, they don’t get shows, they don’t get endorsements. They can do a 200-crore film and will be known as the best actresses but nobody will be interested.”

This was Kangana in 2013!! Her English speaking skills may not be the best here but she was more articulate and sensible here than Sonam will be in her entire life. I genuinely feel this industry destroyed her. Zoya looked quite uncomfortable and stunned here by Kangana's truth bombs.
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She added, “And others are who don’t probably know how to act and they are proud to say that I’m not a good actress but I’m a stunner and things like that. Or full botox face, the pressure of being young and pretty is so much that you will go to any extent to be young and pretty but not a good actor.”

Kangana said that such actresses get an opportunity to be on the billboards and have all the money and they cannot go to the other side where they will have to remove all the makeup and be there just as an actor even though might not get paid much.

That is the truth of Bollywood today, and even more so because social media in the last decade has made looking beautiful and sexy mandatory irrespective of whether you use fillers, Photoshop the image, or do the botox. So more than how you act, for actors today it is how you look at the airport, events, and red carpets that have become important.