Cassian Baliarsingh

Action star Ajay Devgn’s supernatural horror movie ‘Shaitaan’ is doing wonders at the box office and opened in double digits. The horror thriller minted Rs 14.2 crore on its opening day at the domestic box office.

While Ajay Devgn is doing well on both the professional and personal front, there was a time when the actor was arrested and had a harrowing time. Yes, you read that right! The actor was arrested, that too during Holi celebration.

Actor Vindu Dara Singh, a dear friend of Ajay Devgn recalled the incident and revealed how their friends group wanted to grab some drinks and drove to a liquor store during Holi. However, they got into trouble when they were stopped by the police.

During the search, the cops found ‘weapons’ in the boot of their car. Even though Vindu and Ajay tried to explain to the cops that those were not ‘weapons’ but props for a film that Devgn’s father, veteran action director Veeru Devgan, was working on, the police hauled them to the situation.


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“It was a Holi party, and we were in college. Ajay Devgn was driving the jeep, and he said, ‘Let’s go to Bandra’. So we went to Bandra, and while going to Carter Road, we felt like drinking beer. We were four or five guys who got off and went inside the wine shop, bought the beer, and came back. The police van was right there, and the police were looking at us like, ‘who are these guys in the jeep?’”

The cops were suspicious after swords and hockey sticks were recovered from Ajay’s car. Later, we told them that we were fight master Veeru Devgn and Dara Singh’s sons. Then, the police asked us to call Randhawa’s son to the police station, who was a wrestler.

Ajay and his friends were later released after Randhawa’s son came to the police station and told the truth.