Poonam Singh

Rashmika Mandanna is a self-confessed anime lover and never shies away from sharing her love for the Manga characters on her social media platforms.

Taking a step further of her anime love, Rashmika Mandanna transforms into an anime character in a new promotional video. 

The clip begins with Rashmika donning a blue sweater over a pink tube top, complemented by jeans and her hair worn down. Upon discovering a basket at her doorstep, she excitedly brings it inside, revealing a fluffy cat nestled within. 

As Rashmika lifts the cat in delight, her surroundings magically transform into an anime world, reminiscent of scenes from "A Whisker Away."

As her anime avatar, Rashmika traverses bustling marketplaces and rooftops in pursuit of the elusive cat. Voiced by a Japanese artist, her character finds solace in a ramen shop, where the cat surprises her with steaming hot dango dumplings.

Upon forming a bond with her feline companion, Rashmika is abruptly returned to reality, overwhelmed by her affection for the creature. However, the cat's sharp cry signals its departure, leaving Rashmika yearning to return to the anime world.

Sharing the video, Rashmika expressed her desire for an anime-inspired reality, captioning, “Wish my world was anime 🌏, where we’d make a paw-fect match!” The upbeat Punjabi song in the background enhances the video's appeal.

The video has garnered a flood of likes and comments from Rashmika's fans and anime enthusiasts alike. One fan praised the animator's work, commenting, “The animator did an amazing job, u look so CUTEEEE.” 

Another remarked, “Your anime version is as cute as you.” Others expressed their excitement with exclamatory comments like “Shooooooooo Shueetttttttttt” and “Anime World's Crush Rashmika.”