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Deviating from the contemporary romance genres or as a bonus, a K-drama with bromance provides an array of entertainment. 

With humour, an affectionate bond, and fun but weird chemistry between a male lead and a supporting lead, sometimes a bromantic K-drama is all you need to enjoy your day.

So, here are a few suggestions for top must-watch bromance K-dramas to spice up your day:

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

In this drama, we get to see the bromance between a 900-year-old Goblin and a Grim Reaper. Despite not liking each other, they end up living together and thus comes a series of hilarious, adorable, and some of the epic screenplays of the time. Featuring Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, and Kim Go Eun, it's a must-watch for all K-drama lovers.

Descendants of the Sun

Another bromantic K-drama to add to your list is Descendants of the Sun. Besides the drama’s central storyline between the main leads, the bromance between the male lead and his friend is more hilarious and adorable than Tom and Jerry's. Both make fun of each other but in the end, they have each other's back.  

The King: Eternal Monarch

This Lee Min Ho-led drama is an epic fantasy romance story of a king and a detective who are from two different parallel worlds. Besides the intriguing storyline, what makes it more interesting is the bromance between Lee Gon, the king, and his bodyguard Jo Young. With a series of mysterious turns and twists, this hilarious duo makes the drama worth watching.

Love in the Moonlight

In this historical drama, the bromance between a royal palace guard and a crown prince is a must-watch. Besides the main plotline, the bromance of these two is special and deep. A loyal guard who can do anything to protect his prince, and a prince who cares for his guard like a brother. Watch this drama for a load of laughter.


You are missing out if you have not watched this powerful drama yet. Besides a great action pack and a strong storyline, the bond between two youths will leave you wishing for a comradeship like theirs. Fighting against money lenders, this drama narrates the triumph of justice.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Setting apart the tales of gumihos and imoogi, this drama also narrates the bond between the two brothers. Although initially, the story hints about probable enmity between the brothers, as the story develops, their bond becomes clearer and sweeter.

By- Supalee Dalai