Poonam Singh

In the world of entertainment and social media, one name that never fails to make waves is Urfi Javed. In her latest venture, she turned heads by crafting an anti-smoking outfit entirely from cigarette buds, pushing the boundaries of her fashion creativity.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, Urfi takes viewers through the process of creating this unique ensemble.

Starting with a No Smoking poster, the reel captures the actress collecting discarded cigarettes from the streets. It then transitions to Urfi meticulously arranging the cigarette buds, culminating in a distinctive off-shoulder mini dress with a front cutout. The ensemble is complemented by statement jewellery, a high bun, glossy lips, and towering heels.

Acknowledging the unconventional nature of her creation, Urfi humorously mentioned in her caption, "My hands were smelling like cigarettes for so many days after this!"

This bold and thought-provoking fashion statement once again solidifies Urfi Javed's reputation as a trendsetter unafraid to experiment. However, the outfit stirred a diverse range of reactions from followers and netizens, with many appreciating her artistic expression while others trolling her. 

Khatron Ke Khiladi 13's Soundous Moufakir praised Urfi for her creation and wrote, "One of my favourite creative outfits till date." 

Another wrote, "Just fabulous how creative you are." A third person commented, "Creativity on next level." "Now urfi is injurious to health," one joked.

"Injury to health bolke khud pehen Li," one comment read. Another said, "I love your experiments but this one is just very unhygienic man..."