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Be it for her bold and weird attires or for her outspoken nature without worrying about the consequences, social media sensation Urfi Javed hogs the headline every now and then. Despite getting brutally trolled for her bizarre fashion statements, she never gives a damn and continues to do what she loves the most.

Urfi doesn’t turn away from the paparazzi or her fans and never fails to give a glimpse of her personal life on social media. While, several actresses and models often get associated with some or the other Urfi has never been linked with anyone. 

Urfi’s first love!

However, recently, Urfi revealed about her ‘one side love’ and even disclosed about the kind of men she finds attractive. 

Revealing about her ‘one side love’ for an actor in Bollywood, Urfi said that she has watched one of his movies over hundred times. 

Shahid Kapoor is the actor whom Urfi loves the most. She further revealed that she has filled several notebooks writing about her love for Shahid and she had collected over thousands of posters of the actor. Moreover, Urfi’s family members and friends were well aware about her love for Shahid. 

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Further revealing about her first love, Urfi said that she was studying in class three when Shahid’s Ishq Vishq released in 2003. 
She instantly fell in love with Shahid’s character Rajiv Mathur. As she claims, she watched the movie over 100 times and she has memorised every dialogue. Moreover, she makes sure to watch the movie on April 10, the release date, without a fail.

Urfi is still single!

However, Urfi admitted to being single and revealed the kind of men she finds attractive.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the idea that all girls want their boyfriends to have six-pack abs or a muscular physique, she said that she would rather date a regular man with an average physique—someone who exercises regularly enough to stay in shape and doesn't feel worn out after climbing two floors.

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