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Urfi Javed, who is unafraid of pushing sartorial boundaries, has once again left a lasting impression with her distinctive fashion choices. On the momentous occasion of Independence Day 2023, Urfi chose to greet her fans with an enchanting snapshot that exudes the timeless charm of ethnic wear.

Urfi Javed adorned an exquisite sleeveless green kurta set, a testament to her penchant for embracing diversity and tradition. The strappy kurta, expertly paired with a resplendent floral dupatta, creates an ensemble that seamlessly fuses modern aesthetics with timeless grace.

She captioned the pic, "Happy Independence Day! 🫶🏻 There is truly no country like ours! Wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else!," which encapsulates not only her patriotic fervour but also her unshakeable love and admiration for the land she calls home.


For her makeup, she opted for a soft dewy palette enhancing her inner glow with winged eyeliner and kohl. She also highlighted her cheeks and opted for a vibrant pop of lipstick to complete her look.

Completing her ensemble with carefully selected accessories, Urfi's choice of earrings adds a delicate touch that matches her outfit. Her flowing hair effortlessly drapes around her shoulders, reflecting her comfort and self-confidence.

This newfound embrace of traditional elegance may have surprised her ardent admirers, but it undeniably affirms Urfi Javed's ability to effortlessly captivate hearts and minds. Her resplendent green kurta set stands as a radiant testament to her innate ability to transform and transcend, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of fashion and beyond.

Soon after Urfi posted the picture, fans couldn't help but express their admiration for her stunning appearance. 

While some showered her with generous compliments, others eagerly anticipated more glimpses of her in the days to come. A few even expressed their wish to witness her in attire that covered her entirely, from head to toe.

One user wrote: " A urfi nhi hai yarr sayd hume acche dekhai na da rha ho " (sic)

Another commented: " So beautiful can't keep my eyes off you." " Lagta hai urfi ka id hack ho gya h," a third user said. (sic)