Poonam Singh

Actress turned renowned author Twinkle Khanna has once again graced her readers with a humorous take on Valentine's Day. Twinkle is known for her authentic and witty writing style.

In her latest column for The Times of India, Khanna with her signature blend of humour and authenticity explores the origins of Valentine's Day. 

She humorously suggests that the celebration of love might have started as an experiment during a medieval version of a board meeting.

She imagines people discussing the decline in sales post-Christmas, contemplating how to attract those already financially exhausted from buying gifts into purchasing once again with their next paycheck.

Khanna added intellectual flair to her narrative by referencing famous thought experiments, including Plato's Cave, Occam’s Razor, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma. She contrasts these philosophical concepts with her whimsical take on the commercialization of love during Valentine's Day.

Quoting German-American philosopher Hannah Arendt, Khanna explores the idea that experiences only truly exist when articulated. Drawing on this, she suggests that Valentine's Day, despite its consumerist nature, may serve to give tangible form to the otherwise abstract concept of love.

The actress-author wittily touches on the reality faced by women married for over a decade, stating that the most honest response to 'What did your husband give you on Valentine’s Day?' would often be, 'As usual, a headache.' 

Khanna concludes her column by emphasizing that love itself is the greatest thought experiment. Regardless of the material trappings of Valentine's Day, she believes that acknowledging each other's imperfections leads to an imperfectly perfect relationship.

Notably, Twinkle Khanna is married to actor Akshay Kumar and they are parents to two children Aarav and Nitara.