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In the Asian entertainment industry, Japanese drama and movies hold a unique place. While film industries like Bollywood are known for their drama, action and comic films, Japanese movies focus more on the human aspect of the story. 

They subtly narrate human emotions with a taste of pure joy and heartfelt sadness. Water drops falling in a stream, low-hanging mists, and cherry blossoms softly falling are all familiar symbols of a Japanese masterpiece movie.

So, here is a list of top Japanese series and dramas on Netflix that are worth a try:

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is a collection of self-concluding episodes where the story ends at the end of each episode. Based on the manga Shinya Shokudō, each story reveals an array of human emotions and their complexities that become obstacles to leading a happy life. Here the owner of a bar prepares food for his customers while listening and solving their life queries.

Spirited Away

To talk about Japanese movies and not mentioning a Ghibli movie is like committing a crime. This Ghibli movie portrays the story of a girl, named Chihiro, who enters a witch’s village that turns humans into animals. With soothing scenic graphics that are the signature characteristics of a Ghibli movie, this movie can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Alice in Borderland

This action drama series packed with mystery and blood is a perfect watch for Squid Game fans. This drama depicts the story of Arisu, an aimless gamer who suddenly enters a strange and empty Tokyo where dangers are lurking everywhere. To survive, Arisu, along with his friends is bound to complete the stages of sadistic games or die. With exemplary cinematography of a gory Tokyo, this series compels viewers to think about their life choices.

Rurouni Kenshin 

This story peeks into the life of a Japanese samurai assassin who vows to never kill again. With 3 parts, this movie delves into a world where blood, killing, and honour are the true meaning of life. While watching, you will feel like you have travelled back to the time when samurai used to rule the Japanese land.

JU-ON: Origins

If you are into horror, JU-ON: the Origins will never disappoint you. Based on true events, the story revolves around a haunted house where a horrible murder was committed. Whoever comes into contact with this house, gets cursed and eventually dies.

The Days

This series is based on the true event in Japan. On March 11, 2022, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit the country causing 3 other earthquakes and tsunamis of which one of the major tsunamis occurred near the Fukushima nuclear plant. This series tells the story of those brave workers at the plant who sacrificed their own safety to protect the people of Japan from the hazardous consequences.

By- Supalee Dalai