Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan's 2003 movie Tere Naam has been rated as one of the finest flicks from the actor. Apart from the story plot, Salu bhai's performance and look drove every fan crazy. Needless to mention, every song from the movie still remains in the music playlist of many from the era.

Tere Naam showcased Radhe (Salman), a rowdy youth, who falls in love with Nirjara (Bhumika Chawla). To woo Nirjara, Radhe stalked her. But, following refusal, Radhe threatens Nirjara and also intimidates her fiancé. However, though being a rowdy, Radhe was kind at heart. Learning about his nature and character, Nirjara fell in love with him. However, destiny had other plans! Radhe lost his mental balance after a violent clash with some anti-socials. While Radhe was recovering at an ashram (mental asylum), Nirjara lost hopes and committed suicide on her wedding day. Meanwhile, Radhe had escaped from the ashram and went to Nirjara to find her dead. At last, he preferred to stay at the ashram, even though he had recovered from his mental condition.

Tere Naam is still being counted among Salman's best movies for his exemplary performance, though it was a remake of South superstar Chiyaan Vikram's cult film Sethu.

However, director Satish Kaushik recently spilled the beans that Salman didn't like his character's actions in the movie, especially, being a stalker who is obsessed with his girl.

“Salman always said the film is good and will definitely work. But the character gives a wrong message in it," Kaushik was quoted by the Indian Express as saying.

Comparing the movie's plot with the incidents in small towns where guys woo girls by using all wrong means, Kaushik said, "The guy is trying to tell the girl that he loves her and he is not ready to accept a denial. That's certainly not good. But, if you notice, it is the culture in small cities even today, where a guy ends up running after a girl."

Further, Kaushik went on to add that though the movie doesn't fit to the taste of the audience in urban areas, the situation still prevails in small towns or villages.

"As a filmmaker, it is your responsibility, whether you want to show such a love story or not, is a different issue. Today, a filmmaker will certainly want to avoid that. You can't fall in love with someone who has said no to you. But, that's what passion was all about then, where you won't take no from a person," said Kaushik.

Tere Naam 2 Plan On Cards!

Talking about Tere Naam 2, Kaushik said, "Tere Naam is such a popular brand because of Salman that every year some news starts making the rounds. I have a script for Tere Naam 2 for sure and of the same intensity, but, I have not discussed it with Salman."

He further added, "Nothing has been finalised or I haven't approached anyone or even talked to anyone about it."