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Action star Sunny Deol is currently riding high on the success of his last film Gadar 2 that shattered box office records. The 90s superstar, who was lying low due to string of flops in the past few years, had a great year in 2023. However, the senior Deol seems to have landed in another controversy after a producer accused him of cheating Rs 2.55 crore. 

Sorav Gupta, a real estate developer turned producer, owner of Sundawn Entertainment has brought the shocking allegations against Sunny.

Gupta has accused Sunny of cheating, extortion and forgery.


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“I had approached him in May 2016 with the first draft of my film. He apparently agreed to do the movie for Rs 4 crore and we paid him Rs 1 crore in advance. Later, he asked for another 1 crore in October. However, he didn’t start the shoot and instead went for another film,” the producer told Zoom.

Later, Sunny reportedly asked Gupta to change the film’s director and rework on the script.

“The name of the film was Ram Janmabhoomi. We were told that the script is ready, there is a director onboard and that we just need to execute it. The total budget of the film was estimated to be around Rs 40 crore. We booked the Filmistan studio, paid the director and other people. But then, he said that his fee has now gone up. So we reached an agreement that Sunny would get Rs 2 crore extra from the profit. Then he requested us to give him Rs 50L more, saying that his son’s wedding was coming up,” Gupta added.

After his son’s wedding, Sunny sent a hard copy of an agreement stating that he had hiked his fee to Rs 8 crore, plus Rs 2 crore from the profits.

“In all these years, we have spent up to Rs 25 crore directly or indirectly on the project,” the producer claimed.

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