Cassian Baliarsingh

In what comes as shocking news for fans, the stunning Sonam Bajwa has been reportedly married to a Delhi-based pilot for almost three years now. The news of her, yet to be confirmed, marriage has left her fans confused and heartbroken.

There is no denying that Sonam is one of the best-looking actresses in the film industry. She has worked not only in Punjabi movies but also in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil industries. She enjoys a massive fanbase and her male fans often drool over her sexy looks on Instagram.

However, it looks like her fans are in for a heartbreak after the news of her marriage. A Reddit user claimed that Sonam is married to a guy named Rakshit Agnihotri on September 23, 2020, but has been very private since then. As per his post, Sonam’s husband is from West Delhi and is a pilot by profession.


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The Reddit post reads, “Sonam Bajwa aka the national crush of India is married to a guy from West Delhi called Rakshit Agnihotri who is a pilot! They got married on 23 September 2020 and have been very private about it since then.”

He continued, “They also have a company together where both Sonam and her husband are the directors. This is verified info through a very close friend of theirs and double-checked through their firm registration information.”

The news has left her fans in shock and their reactions on Reddit are proof of the same.

“Why are all Punjabi artists so private and mysterious? I have noticed this. Matlab this is toh next level,” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “If think Diljit is also married.” “I think she is worried that she might lose her fanbase,” commented a third user.

However, no official denial or confirmation is there in this regard. This piece will be updated once the actress or her representatives address to the claims.