Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking turn of events, popular Hollywood star Vin Diesel has been accused of sexual assault by his former assistant Asta Jonasson. Popularly known for the Fast and Furious series, the action star has been accused of sexually battering Asta in 2010.

In a lawsuit filed in a court in Los Angeles, Asta said that Vin sexually battered her in 2010 during the shoot of ‘Fast and Furious 5’ and fired just hours after the assault. She has revealed that he assaulted her in a hotel room in Atlanta.

“Sexual harassment in the workplace will never stop if powerful men are protected from accountability. We hope her courageous decision to come forward helps create lasting change and empowers other survivors,” Asta’s lawyer was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

Jonasson has alleged that Vin forcibly groped her breasts and kissed her during her first assignment after she was hired. She also accused him of entertaining multiple other women in his hotel suite. The situation grew uglier after she fled to a bathroom, but Diesel followed her and allegedly forced her to ‘grab his erect p*nis’.

Despite her crying and protesting, Diesel allegedly pinned her against a wall and masturbated, releasing her only after he had finished.

“Vin Diesel ignored Ms. Jonasson’s clear statements of non-consent to his sexual assaults,” the lawsuit reads.

Soon after the horrific incident, Diesel’s sister Samantha Vincent allegedly called and fired her.