Poonam Singh

Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie, ‘Dunki,’ has become a sensation among his ardent fans, marking his third release this year. Despite the chilly weather, enthusiasts thronged theatres, demonstrating unwavering support for Khan and Hindi cinema. 

Social media is abuzz with images and clips showcasing fans celebrating the movie as if it were a festival. 

From SRK cardboard cut-outs to fireworks outside cinema halls, fans are leaving no stone unturned in displaying their love. Some gestures have even caught SRK's attention.

Videos from Mumbai's iconic Gaiety Galaxy are stealing the spotlight, featuring fans joyfully dancing and cheering for the superstar while "Lutt Putt Gaya" plays. The 5:55 am screening of ‘Dunki’ at Gaiety Galaxy marks a historic moment, being the earliest ever show at this venue. 

SRK's prominent fan club, SRK Universe, organized the screening, known for arranging early morning shows for previous movies like ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’ at Gaiety. The fan club has impressively arranged at least 1000 exclusive screenings worldwide, garnering viral attention for numerous videos from the theatre.

A day before the premiere, Shah Rukh Khan engaged with fans in an AskSRK session on X, where users could post questions. Responding to a query about what makes ‘Dunki’ special, SRK mentioned, "It’s just cinema with pure storytelling Raju Hirani style. I think that’s what is special. #DunkiTomorrow."

In a recent video shared by Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, and Rajkumar Hirani, they delved into the BTS stories and moments of ‘Dunki.’ They revealed the origins of the idea behind the film and explained its significance.