Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actors have several times quoted controversies for their heated arguments with journalists and paparazzi. While social media is abuzz with the controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan ’s upcoming movie Pathaan, a few days before the controversy, Arjun Kapoor hogged limelight by saying, 'Shah Rukh Khan is not India’s identity'. 

During the launch event of MTV’s Nishedh Season 2 in November, Arjun was answering questions about tuberculosis, abortion, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), etc. 

However, when a reporter asked him about multiple partners and sex before marriage, Arjun shut down the reporter. 

The reporter asked, “Our country’s identity, our country’s strong culture, where one should not have sex before marriage, why do you think before or after the wedding, there should be multiple partners or have open sex because India’s identity is one man one woman. We live once, we die once, and we marry also only once.”

When Arjun asked the reporter, who created this identity, the media personnel said, 'SRK '.

To this, Arjun said, “Shah Rukh Khan is not India’s identity.”

Later, the reporter said that SRK is promoting the idea, but Arjun refused to believe the idea and said, “In a person’s life, there are many highs and lows. You meet lots of people, you explore a lot of relationships. When you decide to get married, it is a bigger deal than perhaps not being married. Being in a relationship is a bigger deal but not as big as marriage. There are processes to reach that stage.”