Cassian Baliarsingh

Almost two years have passed, but fans still remember late singer KK who passed away due to cardiac arrest on May 31, 2022. The ‘Dil Ibadat’ hitmaker has left a profound impact on music lovers everywhere.

The social media is filled with tributes for KK. In the midst of this, singer Shaan recently paid a tribute to KK by performing on his famous song ‘Yaaron Dosti’ during a live show in Melbourne.

Remembering his good friend, Shaan dedicated the evening to KK and beautiful sang his song ‘Yaaron Dosti’.

A pall of gloom descended as fans remembered the late singer. Everyone was deeply moved by Shaan’s performance.

An X user shared the video from the night and wrote, “I've stopped attending music concerts since KK's death in 2022. Wife attending Shaan live in Melbourne tonight. And look what she has sent me.” 

Fans took to the comments section to remember the last singer and reminiscence the good old days.

“It just breaks my heart. He had a golden voice and such a beautiful personality,” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “I've also stopped watching Irrfan Khan's movies after his death. I can't bear to see him on screen anymore.”

“Watching this every day, and shedding a tear each time,” commented a third user.