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In the case of movies based on books, both avid and casual readers agree that books are always slightly better than movies. It's because the book explains the details rather than the movies. In some cases, fans are determined that the movies trump the books.

Mean Girls 

It might be surprising that the comedy movie Mean girls is based on a non-fiction, self-help book called Queen bees and Wannabes. This movie puts the concepts of cliques and bullying into a memorable and engaging context. The movie felt more realistic to many viewers than the books probably because Tina Fey used personal experience to flesh out the script. 

The Godfather 

The Academy Award-winning film The Godfather is one of the greatest ever made. However, the book doesn't receive the same degree of honours. The novel is considered good but the movie brings the story to another level. The movie keeps more focus on adding atmosphere and action to the mafia-centred plot and the main character.

Forrest Gump 

Many Forrest Gump fans might not be aware that the story is based on the book written by Winston Groom. The book gets good exposure but it's not as famous as the movie because the movie made changes in the story. Forrest doesn't run in books, he curses a lot and is rough around the edges, and he doesn't marry jenny and raise their son.  

The Devil Wears Prada

The book The Devil Wears Prada was liked by fans, but it can not compete with the screen version Starring Meryl Streep. Even 15 years after its release, the film is a modern-day classic and slightly varied from the book. The movie’s fashion and makeover also play a role in its favoured status.

The Princess Bride 

This movie is about love for all people and love for decades. The books are published before the movie came out in 1987. Screenwriter William Goldman adapted the story and wrote the screenplay, which may explain the film continues to be so well by then fans of the book. The author changed the plenty of stories on screen could be why the movie has so many fans. 

Jurassic Park 

While reading Jurassic Park, A mind naturally wonders what this experience might be like. This movie has so much action right on your face, and your eyes do not take off the screen for fear of missing some part. The book has a solid fanbase but after watching the movie's action scene, put the movie on a different level. 

Father of the Bride 

This film was adapted from the 1950’s film and 1948 book of the same name. There is a similar plot that runs through the story about the father who is overwhelmed and not sure about his daughter’s marriage. The movie has captivated the audience, while the book is discovered after the movie.