Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Tollywood actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s recent release was Shaakuntalam. Though fans had pinned high hopes from the movie, it underperformed at the box office leaving fans shattered. While well-wishers still remain hopeful, producer Chittibabu criticised Sam a few days ago. 

Following his remark, Sam had seemingly taken a dig at the producer in her Instagram stories. However, the producer once again targeted the actress after her cryptic post.

Earlier, in an interview, Chittibabu said that Samantha was using cheap tactics for promoting her movies. Further, he also stated that he was surprised to see her in the lead role in Shaakuntalam. 

Following the statement, Sam posted an Instagram story starring that she searched for “How do people have hair growing from ears" on Google. Further, she mentioned that it happened because of increased testosterone. 

Meanwhile, people speculated it was a jibe at Chittibabu’s statement. 

In a recent interview, Chittibabu went on to say, “She has noticed my ear hair and hair grows in many other parts of my body and I have no objection to study and report on it.”

Further, he also clarified his earlier statement that Samantha was not suitable to play young characters anymore. He also said that the actress is not 180-20 years old which doesn’t make her a suitable choice for the character of Shakuntala. 

He further went on to add that Sam’s glamorous days are over and it’s time to move on to supporting roles. The actress is not ready to accept the truth, he added.