Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Ram Charan, and many others, recently, set the stage on fire with their performance at Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's pre-wedding event. Witnessing the Khans trio is rare. But, Sallu and SRK share a good bond and have appeared together multiple times. Though they had a huge fight in 2000, they reconciled and the BFFs have been inseparable since then.

The onscreen jugalbandi of Karan-Arjun of Tinsel Town is massively celebrated by the fans of the duo. The recent cameos of Shah Rukh and Salman in each other's movies drove the moviegoers crazy. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for their upcoming Tiger Vs Pathaan, in which the duo will have equivalent importance. 

However, did you know, the Tiger actor once got annoyed and kicked the Pathaan actor? And, it is not a scene from any movie script!

Yes, though it sounds surprising, Sallu kicked SRK after he got annoyed with the latter's habit.

The incident took place on the sets of Karan Arjun, which marked the beginning of the onscreen journey of the duo.

Earlier, Salman recalled the incident while he was interacting with SRK on a show. Sallu says how they both were shooting for Karan Arjun where they had some friends visiting them on the sets. Further, he adds that because of a shortage of space, they made them sleep in their room.

However, SRK slept early and his snoring voice made them laugh out their lungs out. But after a while, the snoring voice started irritating them and they couldn't sleep. Shah Rukh, who was sitting along with Sallu, said that he had sinus issues for which his nose was choked and he snored. But, generally, he doesn't snore.

Further, Salman adds that he had to kick Shah Rukh down from the bed to make him wake up as his snores became louder and louder. 

After falling from the bed, SRK woke up and asked Salman why he didn't do it earlier. 

This narration left both SRK and Sallu, as well as, the audience laughing. 

The video of the Khans-duo resurfaced on social media driving fans of the duo crazy. The video is shared on Instagram by a fan club of Salman Khan.

Indeed, after the reconciliation, the relationship between the duo has remained intact and their friendship seems unbreakable, no matter the circumstance.

After Pathaan and Tiger 3, the duo will be seen in Tiger Vs Pathaan. But, instead of a friendly journey, the duo will likely be locking horns in the movie.