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  • Rishabh Pant added a new twist to his ongoing controversy with Urvashi Rautela.
  • Fans are now eagerly waiting for the Bollywood beauty to react.

Rishabh Pant and his social media controversy with Urvashi Rautela has now become a hot topic of discussion and the social media users are excitingly looking forward to more such interactions coming from the duo. However, it seems the young Indian cricketer is not in a mood to drag this uncomfortable situation further and shared a cryptic message on his social media account today.

Many thought his message was directed at Urvashi, who was left in an awkward situation when Pant simply denied being interested in her, in his usual way. In his IG story, Pant wrote, “Don’t stress over what you cannot control.” Now, this is quite an interesting twist to what happened between Urvashi and Pant. 

Rishabh Pant snapshotRishabh Pant snapshot

Urvashi triggered controversy last week when she made a shocking statement during her recent interview with a leading online portal. She mentioned a particular 'Mr. RP', who waited for her in the lobby in New Delhi where she had come for an event. She also added that she could not meet this specific person because she slept off and woke up to find that there were 16 to 17 missed calls from the same 'Mr. RP' on her phone.

The mention of 'Mr. RP' was so suggestive and everyone on social media including Rishabh himself knew that the statement indicated toward him. Instead of letting it go, the wicket-keeper batter indirectly targeted Urvashi by sharing an Insta story that said that it was funny that people lie for popularity during interviews just to come into the limelight. He further ended the story with "merapichachorhoBehen #Jhutkibhilimithotihai”, however, later on he deleted the post.

In her reply, Urvashi had called Rishabh 'Chotu bhaiya', who should only play bat and ball. And that is the reason why social media users are connecting this cryptic message from the cricketer with this Urvashi Rautela controversy. It would be interesting to see whether this leads to something big or whether the Bollywood beauty comes out with a cracking reply yet again or not.