Poonam Singh

The much-anticipated film, The Archies directed by Zoya Akhtar, finally made its debut on Netflix on December 7, marking the entry of star kids Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor into the world of Bollywood. However, the teen musical drama received a mixed response from audiences and critics alike.

In the aftermath of the release, social media platforms were flooded with posts criticizing the acting performances of Suhana, Agastya, and Khushi in the film.

A particularly harsh post, captioned "Acting died here" and featuring a scene from The Archies with Agastya and Khushi, gained attention after being liked by actress Raveena Tandon. The screenshot of this interaction circulated on the popular Reddit sub BollyBlindsNGossip.

Raveena Tandon liked this lmao 🤣
byu/Chalamex inBollyBlindsNGossip

This move by Raveena Tandon drew sharp criticism from netizens who pointed out that her daughter, Rasha Thadani, is also gearing up to make her Bollywood debut alongside Ajay Devgn's nephew Aaman Devgn in Abhishek Kapoor's upcoming film.

Social media users didn't hold back, with comments expressing doubt about Rasha's potential debut, stating, "I don’t think her daughter who is papped every other day is going to be any better than these kids." 

The netizens questioned whether Raveena had forgotten that her daughter was also set to enter Bollywood soon, and some even speculated if Rasha had faced rejection from The Archies.

Amidst the controversy surrounding star kids, it's essential to note that The Archies also stars Vedang Raina, Mihir Ahuja, Yuraj Menda, and Aditi 'Dot' Saigal in leading roles. Farhan Akhtar has also contributed to the film by writing the dialogues, which unfold in the fictional Indian hill station of Riverdale in the year 1964.