Poonam Singh

Actor Rashmika Mandanna is set to return as Srivalli in Pushpa 2: The Rule, a sequel to the 2021 blockbuster Pushpa: The Rise starring Allu Arjun. 

In an interview with Lifestyle Asia India, Rashmika discussed the evolution of Srivalli from the first instalment to the sequel.

Describing her experience playing Srivalli in Pushpa, Rashmika expressed both challenge and enjoyment due to the character's spontaneity. 

“I didn’t really know my character Srivalli in Pushpa because I didn’t know the story, I didn’t know her as a character, I didn’t know how to play her, I didn’t know the world we were creating. I didn’t know anything. So, every day on set felt like visiting a playground,” she said.

However, with Pushpa 2: The Rule, Rashmika asserted that she now understands her character and the narrative context better. She hinted at a more evolved version of Srivalli in Pushpa 2, dubbed as "Srivalli 2.0."

“Srivalli in Pushpa 2 is someone super sorted. Now I know the world that we are living in, I know the character I’m playing, and now it’s Srivalli 2.0, I can say,” she added.

In Pushpa, Rashmika's character Srivalli is depicted as a village belle who eventually falls in love with Pushpa Raj, portrayed by Allu Arjun. The first film showcases their romantic journey amidst conflicts and adversaries, with Pushpa rescuing Srivalli from danger.

The makers of Pushpa unveiled Rashmika's first look from Pushpa 2: The Rule, showcasing her adorned in traditional attire with attention-grabbing details like sindoor and gold accessories. Additionally, a teaser featuring Allu Arjun in an intriguing avatar was released on the actor's birthday.

Apart from Pushpa 2, Rashmika has several other projects in the pipeline, including the Hindi film Chhava, as well as Rainbow and The Girlfriend in Telugu.