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Actress Pooja Hegde stands out not only for her acting prowess but also for her dedication to fitness. Her strong and sculpted physique is a testament to her commitment to a rigorous workout routine, serving as inspiration for many. Through her social media, Pooja generously shares glimpses of her fitness journey, motivating her fans to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Pooja Hegde's fitness journey goes beyond conventional workouts, incorporating challenges, controlled movements, and yoga. Her openness about the highs and lows of staying fit not only engages her fans but also motivates them to pursue a holistic approach to wellness. 

Below we have listed her top five work out videos which will make your day:

Core Challenge

In an intense video, Pooja engages in high-level abdominal crunches under the guidance of her trainer, Rohit Nair. The clip, shared on social media, showcases her dedication to the core finisher routine. Rohit emphasized the impact of recording workouts, stating, "Best way to make anyone give 100% in a workout is to record it."

Fitness Challenge Triumph

Pooja conquers a fitness challenge after several attempts, sending a powerful message about perseverance and not giving up until success is achieved. This video resonates with the importance of resilience in one's fitness journey.

Slow and Controlled Movement

Collaborating with her trainer, Pooja demonstrates the effectiveness of slow and controlled movements in her workout routine. Advocating for a balanced and composed approach to exercises, she encourages her followers to embrace the combination of fun and focus in their fitness endeavours.

Uninterrupted Workout Session

Dressed in gym attire, Pooja engages in an uninterrupted workout session with her trainer, exuding energy and positivity. Her quirky caption, "Me trying to burn off last night’s dessert.. #backatitbaby," adds a touch of humour to her fitness journey.

Yoga Champ

Highlighting her versatility, Pooja shares a video practicing the Matsya Krida, channelling her "inner happy-go-lucky dolphin." This yoga pose focuses on shoulder and core strength. Pooja's caption reflects her playful approach to fitness, making it relatable for her audience.