Cassian Baliarsingh

“This idea of I don’t need anybody and feminism, I don’t believe in this sh*t at all. In fact, I think feminism fuc**d up our society,” said actress Nora Fatehi during an interview.

The ‘Dilbar Dilbar’ actress has once again sparked a debate online about the ‘idea of feminism’ with her opinion. The model-actress has very sensibly voiced her opinion for women’s education and equal rights, but at the same time, reminded that women are nurturers and men are providers, and both should be ready to take on their respective roles.

Speaking to popular YouTuber Beer Biceps, Nora said, “The idea of being completely independent and not having to get married and have kids and not having the male and female dynamics in the home where the man is a provider and a breadwinner and the woman is a nurturer. I don’t believe in people who think that’s not true. I think women are nurturers. Yes, they should go to work, have their own life and be independent, but to a certain extent.”

“They should also be ready to take on the role of being a mother and a wife and a nurturer just like a man should be ready to a role of being a provider and a breadwinner and a father and a husband. We call it old-school, traditional way of thinking, but I think I call it the normal way of thinking,” she added.

“It’s just feminism that fuck**d it up a little bit. We are all equal in more sentimental things but in societal things we are not equal. I think everyone plays their role. Feminism inherently on the base level is great, the foundation of it is great, I also advocate for women’s rights, I also want girls to go to school, I also believe in all these things. However, when feminism becomes radical which is what has happened in the last 15 to 20 years, then it’s dangerous for the society,” she concluded.

Nora's viewpoint has resonated well with social media users who believed that she was right and her opinion was the need of the hour.

“I think the critical part is that she agrees with feminism at a basal level where it's talking of equal rights and equal education and so on, however she thinks that radical feminism where societal roles are looked down upon is not ok. That's the key message:),” commented a fan.

Another fan wrote, “Well said Nora, a man and a woman are like the two wheels of a cart, they have to work in sync, not against each other.😊”

“I am surprised, I have not heard any Bollywood celebrity talking as much sense as her,” commented a third user.