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News Highlights

  • Nora Fatehi recently made her debut as a director with Dirty Little Secret.
  • The cross-culture depicting video has already crossed 7 million views on Nora's YouTube channel.

Nora Fatehi is almost everywhere nowadays; be it item numbers in hit movies or as a judge or guest on dance reality shows or as a dancer in music videos, the demand for Nora has skyrocketed unprecedently in the last few years. And now the Canadian Moroccan dancer has made her debut as a director.

She has donned the cap of a helmer for Dirty Little Secret. Interestingly, it will be her third international song as producer and singer. The music video also features Zack Knight, the famous UK artist and is already streaming on the YouTube channel of Nora Fatehi. This up-tempo track has already crossed 7 million views on her independent YouTube channel.


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Nora is the first Arab-African artist to have such a huge following across the world, and her vision of global pop culture and its influence is clearly visible in her earlier productions as well as in Dirty Little Secret. The confluence of different cultures is very much evident in this high-level music video of Nora.

With the sound system, shots denoting symbolism, and out-of-the-box choreography, each frame of the music video represents style and class. She is already a big trendsetter when it comes to fashion and with this video has successfully elevated the bar.


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Discussing her debut as a director with Dirty Little Secret Nora Fatehi said that being an artist she is always hungry to do more and while working on this particular video she wanted to focus on symbolism that can be decoded for understanding the screenplay. All the things from the creative representations to denote symbolism to costumes were quite clear in Nora's mind and the video proves it.