Poonam Singh

With the announcement of Mirzapur season 3's release year by Amazon Prime Video, fans are abuzz with excitement, eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Among the several questions looming over the upcoming season, the fate of Munna Bhaiya, portrayed by Divyenndu Sharma, has taken centre stage.

The character's demise at the end of season 2 left viewers wondering if there's a possibility of his return. Recent discussions surrounding the show have only fuelled this mystery, with producer Ritesh Sidhwani also weighing in.

However, despite hopes sparked by Amazon Prime Video's teaser, Divyenndu has delivered a shocking revelation.

In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Divyenndu has firmly put to rest any speculation about Munna's comeback. He confirms that the character met his end in the final episode of Mirzapur Season 2. While this declaration may seem final, it's worth considering the possibility of it being a strategic move to maintain suspense, given the secrecy surrounding the show.

Divyenndu also opened up about his portrayal of Munna Bhaiya, describing the character as a troubled soul. He expresses confidence in Mirzapur's potential to become an iconic show, attributing to its compelling script. Interestingly, Divyenndu also revealed that he was initially approached to play Babloo, essayed by Vikrant Massey before eventually being cast as Munna.

Despite Divyenndu's statement, speculation was reignited when Amazon Prime Video shared a post on their official Instagram handle featuring Munna Bhaiya's still from Mirzapur, accompanied by his iconic dialogue. The dialogue, "Hindi Phillam Ke Hero Hain Hum. Humein Koi Nahi Maar Sakta," seemed to hint at Munna's return. However, for those unaware, Munna Bhaiya met his demise in a shootout at the end of Mirzapur Season 2, while Kaleen Bhaiya survived with injuries.

As anticipation for Mirzapur season 3 continues to build, whether Munna Bhaiya makes a surprise return or not, fans eagerly await the next chapter in the saga of Mirzapur.