Cassian Baliarsingh

A viral video of MS Dhoni recreating Bobby Deol’s popular ‘Jamal Kudu’ dance with a wine glass on his head has taken the social media by storm. The unique collaboration of MS with Bobby has left fans in awe of the two stars.

The video starts with MS Dhoni matching with Bobby Deol on an app called ‘winzo’. On seeing Bobby Deol, an excited Dhoni says, ‘Arey Bobby bhai aap’.

In reply, Bobby Deol says, “Bobby bhai, nahin Lord Bobby”. The two then challenge each other for a game.

Trolling Bobby Deol, MS Dhoni says, “Aap runway pe maare the (referring to the last scene of Animal), aaj railway track pe bhi maroge.”

‘Agar jeet gaya toh joh bologe woh karunga,” adds Dhoni.

To his shock, MS really loses the game against Bobby and guess what, Deol makes him dance to his popular song ‘Jamal Kudu’ from Animal. Not to disappoint Bobby Deol, MS Dhoni also grooves to the tune with a glass on his head.

Sharing the video on X (formerly known as Twitter), Bobby captioned the video, “On popular demand! Here’s a video of Mahi bhai grooving to my steps.” 

The adorable video has left wanting more from both the Captain Cool and Bobby Deol.

“Dance hogaya, ab Dhoni ko movie main acting karwake hi manenge Lord Bobby,” a fan commented.

Another fan wrote, “Never expected this combination. Two greats together. Wonderful.”

“Dhoni ko dance karte hue dekh liya ab bas RCB ko IPL trophy jeetna ka dekha reh gaya,” commented a third user.