Poonam Singh

In a poignant moment at the pre-release event of 'Guntur Kaaram', Mahesh Babu, poured his heart out in an emotional speech that left the audience moved. The grand gathering took place in Andhra Pradesh's Guntur on January 9, and witnessed Mahesh Babu expressing his gratitude and addressing the absence of his father, yesteryear actor Krishna, making this Sankranti season notably different for him.

As the event unfolded, Mahesh Babu, visibly moved to tears, spoke passionately about the void left by his late father. He acknowledged the overwhelming support of his fans, referring to them as 'his everything.' The actor's emotional connection with the audience reached its peak as he recounted the special significance Sankranti holds for him and the absence of his father, who used to eagerly discuss film collections with him.

Reflecting on his 25-year journey in the industry, Mahesh Babu expressed deep gratitude and was quoted saying by India Today, "The AV [audio visual} that was shown here suggested that this was my 25th year in the industry. I couldn't understand. I will never forget the love that you have shown me all these years. Every year, it keeps growing. Thank you so much. I am at a loss for words. I don't know what to say. I don't know what I can do except fold my hands in front of you all. You are all in my heart forever, always and always. "

He also took a moment to appreciate the team behind 'Guntur Kaaram,' including director Trivikram Srinivas, actors Sreeleela and Meenakshi Chaudhary, and composer Thaman.

"Sankranti is always a special event for me. More than me, it was special for my nanna [father] Krishna. If my film releases for Sankranti, it is a sure shot blockbuster. This year, let us score a hit. A big hit. But this year seems new to me. Because my dad is not here with us. He used to call me and talk about my film's collection every time. I'd feel extremely happy hearing that. I'd always wait for that phone call. Now, you should tell me all that. From now on, you are my mother, you are my father. You are my everything. Your blessings should be there with me. Thank you, all!," the actor said.

Closing his emotional address, Mahesh Babu called upon his fans to be his guiding lights in the absence of his father. He entrusted them with the role of being his mother, father, and everything, seeking their continued blessings for success in his cinematic endeavours.