Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Mahesh Babu's Bollywood comment attracted quite an ire on social media.
  • Now it has triggered reactions from B-town filmmakers Mukesh Bhatt and RGV.

Mahesh Babu is yet to appear in any Bollywood or pan India movie. However, he has often been asked about making a debut in the Hindi film industry. Reportedly, he has already signed a SS Rajamouli movie which is expected to be a pan India film similar to the earlier flicks like Baahubali and RRR by the famous Southern director.

Recently, when he was asked the same question during the launch of the trailer of Adiv Sesh’s Major, Mahesh Babu cheekily said that Bollywood cannot afford him. He said that although he has been offered Hindi movies many times they cannot afford him and he is not interested in wasting time.

Elaborating his statement further, the Southern superstar said, “With the stardom and love I have here in Telugu cinema, I never thought of going to another industry. I always thought I will do films here and they will become bigger, and my belief is turning into a reality now. I can’t be happier."

According to him, now that the Telugu movies are doing very well across pan India, his dream has come true and he simply wants to continue doing movies in the Telugu film industry.

This statement from Mahesh Babu divided the social media with his ardent supporters hailing the stand of the superstar whereas others criticized him for his overconfidence. However, now the head of Vishesh Films and a veteran Hindi filmmaker, Mukesh Bhatt has come forward in support of the Sarkaru Vaari Paata actor.

According to Mukesh Bhatt, if Bollywood is unable to afford Mahesh Babu then he wishes him good and respects him from where he comes. The producer of Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin further added that Mahesh Babu is a talented artist and if Bollywood cannot meet his expectations, there is nothing wrong with it or to be offended about.

After this statement from Mukesh Bhatt, Rangeela director Ram Gopal Verma jumped into this controversy. RGV said that he could not understand Mahesh Babu’s statement that Bollywood cannot afford him and that Bollywood is not a company that could be generalised.

RGV further cited the example of Southern movies that are doing well after they were dubbed in Hindi and found this statement from the Southern superstar out of context.

Giving his opinion on the same, Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty said that this Bollywood vs Southern movie difference has been created by social media and that it is up to the audience to decide which movie they wish to watch. However, according to him, nowadays the filmmakers from Bollywood have forgotten what the audience wants.

The team of Mahesh Babu has already come out with a clarification mentioning that the entire statement made by the superstar was blown out of proportion and that the superstar only intended to say that he is happy doing only Telugu movies.